Irene van Dyk, New Zealand
I received my sista inspired (blue) singlet and tights! Such comfort and style to train in! Love it, super slick and makes you feel fantastic when working out!!! HAPPY TRAINING TO ALL THE MAMAS:-)
5 Star Rating

Sarah Mack, VIC
I went to the Expo held in Dandenong, purchased both a top and leggings, instantly falling in love with the fabric, design and fit. The leggings are amazing, the way they sit are fantastic, they don’t ride up nor do they fall down, they aren’t see through and don’t rip. I have been waiting for a product and I truly believe I have finally found a long lastinbg product. As for the top, the colours are refreshing and bright, great fit not hugging everything, yet they fit perfect around the problems areas such as breasts and stomach. I love them!! Looking forward to getting more :)
5 Star Rating

Sarah Skillin, NSW
Absolutely love my leggings! They are so comfy! I love how they sit so high. I no longer have to be paranoid about my shirt riding up when doing burpees!! Can’t wait to buy more!
5 Star Rating

Jan Cleeman, VIC
Just received my new pink top and it’s awesome! Not to tight across the tummy and I feel great in it. The service was fantastic and will definitely be giving the Compression Capri leggings a go next!
5 Star Rating

Julianne King, QLD
Received my pants today and OMG they are the best. Will definitely be spreading the word around my girlfriends. :)
5 Star Rating

Fubs Reece Butler, VIC
I am so happy with the mums n fitness pants i bought, i have lumps and jiggly bits and usually im constantly pulling up my pants during workouts but with these pants i dont have to keep pulling them up.
The pants just stay in place, even during squats and sit ups…. i dont know how they stay but they just do.
These are amazing!!! You have to get these!
5 Star Rating

Taleah Tamarua, VIC
These leggings are super comfy with the added bonus of looking great too! You will see just how much time, thought and effort have been put into the design once you try them on. Pants that allow you to look and feel this good and still allow you to breathe comfortably are certainly worth the investment for sure!
5 Star Rating

Cassandra Cuskelly, VIC
“By far my favorite line of workout wear!!
As a mother of 4 finding something to wear to train was an hour long battle nothing made me feel comfortable and the baggy clothes that did werent practical the pants would slip down during a workout and top slip up and show my stomach (the area i feel most unco with)
With mums n fitness wear i am feeling more confident and comfortable then ever…. the leggings are amzing giving my stomach that pull in and support but most importantly not slipping down or rolling over at the belly… and the tops are soooooo comfortable they sit so well around the boobs and shoulder blades but have a little extra room in the bottom of the top… again they dont creep up during workouts!!! they are both super absorbant and after washing them there was no shrinking no stretching no colour fade!!!! Mums n fitness have truly designed the perfecr workout wear for us mums well any woman in general :) this line is a must have xx”
5 Star Rating

Shandell Covel, QLD
“Love love love my #noexcuses top! Awesome quality and super comfy!”
5 Star Rating

Rachel Miller
“Omg I love my pants. I love love love them! I wish I knew about them earlier!!”
5 Star Rating

Belinda Brodie, WA
“Absolutely amazing workout wear! Received my order today and everything fits true to size and is just amazing quality!
Trust me ladies mums n fitness know fitness wear and they have hit the nail on the head with this workout gear.
I am loving the capris they are high waisted which i LOVE because they support my jiggly Tummy from my c-section, also the thicker material ensures whilst doing my squats nobody sees what’s underneath…
The tops are amazing, same thicker material (the finest material) not see through means i can wear whatever sports bra is clean and the shape is perfect.
Sizing runs true, I am a 16 going in to a 14 and ordered the XL which fits perfectly, I’ve currently lost 17kgs and go through workout wear like I do almonds so the different sizing is going to be perfect for me.

Thank you mums n fitness wear for being my new Fav workout wear, cannot wait to buy more."
5 Star Rating

Danielle Api, QLD
I was super proud to be chosen as one of the first Ambassadors for Mums ‘n Fitness Wear and couldn’t wait to trail run the gear. As a busy PT and Group Fitness instructor I LIVE in lycra and wear fitness clothing every day of the week. The capri’s and tanks in this range have lived up to the hype and then some. I get comments on the tanks whenever I wear them, they are cool, soft and a great cut and fit. I especially like the longer length that covers a little of your butt. The capris are some of the most comfortable I have ever worn (and trust me, I’ve worn a LOT). The fabric is amazingly comfortable and breathes beautifully. Thank you Mums ’n Fitness wear for honoring me with Ambassador status – I wear your line with pride and 100% satisfaction! :)
5 Star Rating

Jules Heather Wright, VIC
Absolutely love my pants … Sizing is spot on as well and they are extremely well made .. ;-)
5 Star Rating

Sky Carden, NSW
I’ve tried so many brands of workout gear throughout the years & can honestly say that Mums N Fitness Wear goes above & beyond any I’ve tried! The quality of the fabric, the way it fits my ‘mummy’ body, the price & most of all… The way it makes me feel! Thankyou Mums N Fitness, for providing workout gear that makes me feel confident & happy whilst working out!
5 Star Rating

Tessa Fagan, North QLD
Loving my leggings!! Super comfy. I love the high waist & the fabric is great. I have a big booty and have problems finding workout gear that covers my behind! I will be buying more of these for sure! Perfect fit!
5 Star Rating

Nakita Hessey, VIC
When i first heard about the pants i kinda felt like maybe they were too good to be true. I’m so use to having pants that fall down and dont cover my stomach and give that ugly camel toe look lol, these actually do cover all those areas and feel so comfy while your working out. The way they lift my but and suck my tummy in is so bloody brilliant that i wear them as an everyday fashion lol
thanks mums in fitness wear i freaking love them!!!!!!
5 Star Rating

Claresta Andrews, QLD
Sooo Amazing!! Light, its ACTUALLY “Dry-fit” especially if youre like me who lives and trains in this sweaty & deadly QLD heat- you remain super dry, delivery was quick and you look FABULOUS while wearing them. If you Look great, You Train GREATER!!
5 Star Rating

Jennifer Wright, VIC
I wore my mums n fitness wear tights and #noexcuses singlet for the first time, I have bought a lot of different brands/types of tights since I started training and these are definitely the most comfortable so far and they sit perfect. I like the singlet because 1; the neck line is high so when your bending down/ moving around you don’t need to keep pulling it up. And 2; when jumping around doing burpees etc the singlet doesn’t lift up (I usually tuck my other singlets in during these exercises) so well done mums n fitness for designing such great products that I’m sure many women will love…
5 Star Rating

Kel Te Kahu, VIC
The confidence I have when I slip on a pair of Mums n Fitness leggings is ahhh-mazing! They are sooo comfy that I NEED another 6 pairs in my life lol…I absolutely luv them :) The tanks are just as awesome! Excited to see what you add to the range in the future…congrats on designing an affordable & comfortable line of workout gears for women! I’m def 1 happy customer that will continue to support Mums n Fitness Wear xox #WhooHoo #GoYou
5 Star Rating

Iri Te Kawa, QLD
Today I received my new workout wear. Something I had been longing to get since this has launched, even before. I’m proud to say that I love every single inch of them. From having weight problems since 4 years ago, I have never found the right clothing that suits my body type. If I did, it was because it was baggy clothing which I looked ridiculous in today I found pants that didn’t ride up and as an individual who is very insecure about my tummy, I felt comfortable today wearing something that held it all together and never rolled down past my tummy once. Also, they’re not see through, which is a plus Definitely will start killing them squats now The tops were fab. I’m very insecure with my arms as well and today I was happy to show them around as if I had no care in the world. I was PROUD to walk around today for the first time with how my body is. Because of these workout wear. I love the feel, I love the way they look and I love the way you can be comfortable with your own body in them. You feel beautiful because you look beautiful. So thank you once again Lynsay for designing these. They’re truly a life saver. Loooooove it!
5 Star Rating