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Hello! Welcome to Australia’s first Label designed by Mums, inspired by Mums and made especially for Mums in Fitness!

Let me introduce myself and share a little about how truly proud and special this label is to me.
My name is Lynsay, I am 32 years old, and a Mother of 3, my girls are 11 and 3, and my Son is 7. Almost 2 years ago, I had not lost any weight since having my daughter, and it was the first time in my life that I had been in my eyes overweight and unhappy with myself. I had never stepped foot in a gym, or been on a diet in my life, but knew if I wanted to get back to where I was, I had to be open to new things and embrace a healthier and fitter lifestyle.

Scrolling down my newsfeed on Facebook one day, I saw a local Bootcamp running a competition for a free 8 Week Bikini Challenge, I entered! A week later, I WON! I had my family and friends comment on the winning post laughing at me, giving me all sorts of grief because they knew I didn’t have an interest in working out, which is true, I didn’t! Determined to get this body into a Bikini for Summer, there I went!

As weeks went on, I couldn’t believe how many Mums were in the same situation as me. I also noticed what they were wearing, and how completely uncomfortable they were and sadly how much they tried to hide beneath the dull, baggy and unflattering mens t-shirts and trackies they were wearing, OR the leggings that were clearly 3 sizes too small, too tight and falling down! I chose to stay on with my Bootcamp after the challenge to maintain my goals I reached, making new friends, and observing these Mums continuing to be uncomfortable, and just feeling genuinely sad and a little angry for them. I thought surely there is something out there! Something to keep us motivated, confident and feeling good! But most importantly, something that gives our bodies comfort, will compliment and embrace our different body shapes.

I realised how hard it was to make the time to work out, there were times I had to drag my kids to Bootcamp so I wouldn’t use them as an excuse not to go! While doing that, I thought to myself, this is hard work! Keeping up with the daily responsibilities of being a Mum, a wife, plus Managing a store 4 days a week AND trying to keep that time for myself at Bootcamp. It truly is an amazing accomplishment and so much more rewarding when you have reached that goal, because of our sometimes chaotic lives! And there it was….

I was a PROUD Fit Mum! So why not show that off? Put it out there for the World to see that I accomplished my goals in my fitness journey, I was inspired, motivated with no excuses, and I’m a Mum! How absolutely amazingly cool is that?! I was passionate and determined to make this label specifically for these Mums that surrounded me, working their butts off, while our children ran around next to us, knowing there is so many more Mums out there doing exactly the same. I had to make the clothing for all Mums, because we do, come in all shapes and sizes! And so became the beginning of what is something truly special to me… I measured each item and size myself to get the perfect fit. Every item is not just a tank, or t-shirt, or crop, or leggings… It was made for you, chosen for you, designed for you… By me.

I hope that when you are wearing Mums ’n Fitness Wear, you too feel passionate, determined, confident, comfortable, vibrant, inspired, motivated, and most of all PROUD.