Blog #4 Just A Personal Vent

Today I had a vent on Instagram, you may not have seen it so here it is;

In a culture where one can feel pressured about their health & fitness journey… I am going to forever stay true to what I believe in!

I have a brand that I am very proud of & completely passionate about, it fits perfect to Me, because not every Mum works out at the gym, not every Mum attends Yoga or Bootcamp Classes. Fitness can be & mean so many different things! It can be at any level, any size, in any way or form.

This is my body, this is Me! I’ve birthed 3 children, I don’t have abs (I don’t want abs) I do have a great bum though :) I love love loooooove my curves & embrace them completely, I was blessed with them after each pregnancy… and sometimes (God forbid) I don’t have a thigh gap… But I am healthy and I feel absolutely amazing on the inside. I don’t smoke, I love wine though and I do eat the odd cheese burger and chips! I love playing sport & I love that my kids play sport, I do have laziness lows and super amazing highs… Don’t we all?

This post is me almost daily, make up freem hair finger brushed, a tee & my amazing leggings that I designed & created! (Yes you can fold the waist band to show that belly if you like hehe) I am just a regular Mum who embraces my body and yours, & hopes to motivate you by creating a line of comfortable active wear to cater to your body needs as a Mother, to continue to do what ever it is you want to do, whenever you where ever, when it comes to your chosen Health & Fitness Journey.