Blog #2 The Journey With Our Kids

Writer; Lynsay Graham
Mums ’n Fitness Wear Founder

I feel when I read comments on Group pages, I see a lot of posts from Mums dealing with the usual issues with being Mothers and having kids and reality is, sometimes you just can’t plan ahead, it’s that simple. So many unexpected circumstances come into play being a parent that you really can’t plan your week ahead when it comes to your time and your routine in your fitness diary…

Although I enjoyed bringing my kids with me to Bootcamp, sometimes it was just to busy in class and a 6pm class was right in the middle of dinner time, it just got too hard! Hubby running late from work, Grandad also held up at work, my sister with her softball training… The list of baby sitters comes to an end, and here I am, at home, disappointed I’ve missed my class, guilty for the shit food I ate that day and not being able to burpee it off! The struggle is definitely real… and we all go through it!

With home workouts I feel I need a partner, my hubby asks me everyday to train with him. He can honestly run 5kms in his sleep, his training and mine, is on two different planets! He will train to the point of coming close to a heart attack where as I’ll workout just to get a good enough sweat to walk away proud of my workout accomplishments! Lol I’d probably end up trying to knock him out with his boxing training as well and defeat the purpose of a good cardio burn! Our runs would end up being so competitive we’d end up in a race and pushing each other over, to the cars driving by, may look like an odd kidnapping attempt, with laughter and screaming, then us both on the ground in an awkward rugby scrum… It’s useless & a complete waist of time!

So in saying that I think I prefer to train with women, Mums especially with similar goals to mine, we seem to vibe off each other, and at my Bootcamp, it’s my time and I enjoy it. Fitness for me once reaching my goal weight was really just for the energy side of it. The feeling after a workout is what brings me back. Due to a wrist injury and on the waiting list for surgery, I’m unable to do a lot… But I know once I recover I’ll be back there in my Mums ’n Fitness gear to regain my abs that have unfortunately vanished again :(

I always feel that reading “disappointed” posts, and comments of Mothers agreeing that they too have their low moments, due to the chaotic lives of being Mums, it seems Gyms having daycares don’t help the situation either, but at the end of the day we are only human! We need to stop feeling bad and feeling guilty, and stop being so hard on ourselves when it comes to our*journey in health and fitness*. If we have an off day or week due to the kids being sick, or hubby having a long week at work, or just being exhausted, there is always a new day, that we can re-organise ourselves once again to begin this incredibly hard journey of ours to reach our goals! If it was so easy, we wouldn’t feel the amazing sense of proudness inside when we reach our goals. Keep going, keep pushing, keep your chin up & be happy!

Lynsay xxx