Blog #1 Sky's Journey

Writer; Sky Carden
Mums ’n Fitness Wear Ambassador
Maxine Burn Ambassador

Hi Mummies, I wanted to share a little myself & my journey to a healthy me with you all. I am a 25 year old, married mummy of two gorgeous kiddies, aged 2 & 4. I live in Northern NSW & am a primary school teacher.

After having my second bub back in November 2012 & gaining over 30kgs with both of my pregnancies, I was overweight & living a very unhealthy lifestyle. Not only did I hate what I saw in the mirror, I wasn’t enjoying motherhood like I had with my first born.

My body had changed so dramatically with the excess weight gain through pregnancy that I had stretch-marks where I thought they weren’t possible, skin blemishes, a mummy ‘pouch’, sagging breasts & a very negative self image. It was over christmas that year that I was looking over photos & came across an image that had me in tears. I couldn’t believe that I had let myself get to that point, both mentally & physically.

That moment something clicked in my mind, I didn’t want my children to fall into a cycle of obesity & pick up my bad habits, I no longer wanted to be the person that says ‘no’ to every social event because I was afraid of how I looked & what others thought & I no longer wanted to be labelled ‘just a mum’. It was time to start taking care of me, putting myself first & making some positive changes in my life. Most of all I wanted to find my happiness again, as I felt it had completely slipped out of my life.

So that was it, it was time to make a change. I went to my local kmart & bought some men’s XL oversized singlets to hide my stomach, some cheap daggy tights & a second hand pair of joggers off ebay. I started going to the gym several days a week where I had the trainers write me a basic program. Within the space of a few months I had lost 12kgs & people were starting to notice. I had dropped from a size 18-14 & gained a bit of happiness & some confidence back. Sure, my body wasn’t how it use to be, but it was much better than the months prior.

I look back at photos of me in my daggy old oversized mens clothing & remember how embarrassed I was of myself, I had no confidence whatsoever & can remember feeling like I could hide by wearing them & remain un-noticed by others at the gym. On several occasions during that year (when I was having a ‘skinny day’) I would head to the shops & try on some brand name gym clothing only to feel ashamed that it would give me a muffin top or be far too tight in all the wrong places. Every single time, I would leave the shop feeling deflated, negative & way less confident with myself than when I went in.

I took weekly photos & kept a diary of my progress along the way. As the months went on I came across a 12 week body transformation program (my husband was doing it & convinced me to do it too). We signed up & starting dieting much harder than ever before, as well as training 5-6 days a week. The program saw me lose another 12kgs & by completion I was then lighter than I had ever been in my adult life & fitting into a size 8-10. I had dropped a total of 27kgs in less than a year & could hardly recognise myself.

Although my physical transformation was incredible, it was my emotional transformation that meant the world to me as I had found my happiness again.

Fast forward another 18 months from then & here I am, representing a brand that is all about mums, their happiness, confidence & positive body image, something I never dreamt that I would have, let alone be able to represent!

The images of gorgeous, young, fit women in their tight fitting gym wear plaster our social media, magazines & tv screens every day & it’s hard to have any confidence, when the bodies we see advertised every day seem impossible for us mums to achieve.

I truly believe that Mums ‘N’ Fitness can break that stereotype, one fan at a time. Yes we are mums, but we deserve to feel comfortable in our own skin & confident in the clothes we wear no matter our body shape or size. Clothing needs to fit our bodies properly, look good & most of all, make us feel great when we wear it. No mum deserves to be left in their hubby’s oversized singlet, hiding in the shadows of the gym like I was.

I am so passionate & proud to be behind this Australian brand. I am inspired by the Mums N Fitness social media accounts & realistic images & quotes of a healthy lifestyle and realistic goals. I love looking down my newsfeed & seeing awesome mummas of all shapes & sizes looking amazing in their new purchases!

I only hope that as someone who has been through the darkness & come out more confident & happy than ever before, that I can provide support for those on a similar journey. If Mums N Fitness had of popped up in my newsfeed back when I started my journey, I’m sure it would have restored some positive self image, realistic lifestyle goals & self confidence back into my life a lot quicker.

Mums n Fitness Wear is like no other Australian brand I’ve come across! Designed especially with mummies bodies in mind they fit in all the right places (no muffin tops or tight fitting around the waist), are comfortable, flattering and will leave you feeling confident in your own skin, something that many of us struggle with.

I feel so blessed to be part of the Mums N Fitness team & am excited to see what the future holds! No matter what stage of the journey you are at, you need to embrace your body & believe in the goals you have set for yourself. Being able to feel comfortable & confident in your Mums N Fitness Wear whilst making those dreams a reality just tops it off!

Happy purchasing mummies! xx